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03-16-2013, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by oilerbear View Post
It is not about points, it is points above .500

#8 team is 4 points above .500

we are 1 pioint below .500

when you win a game you get 2 points but add 1 game so you are only gaining 1 point above 500 per win.

we are 5 points. so 5 wins behind #8
looking at the point total and thinking
a 2 point game brings us alot closer
gives a false impression

That 5 points we need to play 6 games and win them all while the other team goes .500.
Were not 5 wins behind #8, we are 5 points behind, if we win and they lose, we gain 2 pts. Your way of thinking is actually giving the false impression were 5 games behind when in reality we are 2.5. Why over analyze it, its not only wrong but silly.

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