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03-16-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Without a doubt Sustr, IMO. As me2 mentioned, he has a rare skill set. Since the last time we talked about him here, I got to watch two full games of his and made a video if you are interested. Sustr has very good speed once he gets going, the first stride is a bit clunky, but still good for his size. Can pivot well too. Can sometimes be off balance and fall over like a tree. Certainly not a punishing or really physical player, but he moves the puck well with a good first pass and sees the ice well. Not afraid to pinch very deep. Has a good wrister and half slapper, sometimes looks like he could put even more strength behind it and he isn't even near his full strength yet.

I've watched about ten games of Laganiere. He again is most certainly a right winger. He has had a pretty rough 2nd half statistically, and i wonder if he is battling something. In the last game I saw, they had him on the 3rd line, but he still put in a good effort, his shift in the 3rd led to the tying goal, and him taking the puck to the net led to the gwg. He is a good forechecker who lays the body, used on the 2nd PK, and first PP on the right half wall. He has a tendency to do too much on his own, which leads him to turnover the puck at the blue line, instead of getting it in deep. He is a very good skater for his size and drives to the net frequently. Can create offense by himself and can be fairly creative with the puck. I'm in the progress of making his video.

Either guy would be good to have.

Have you seen Laganiere play on the LW? I like the fact that he is very mobile.

Sustr would be great, but I'm sure most teams have him tops on their respective lists. Rare skillset indeed.

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