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12-23-2003, 04:29 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
A few observations. As some have said, amazing what happens when you play a player in a role that he is clearly comfortable in, isn't it? Holik has said all year that he plays best in a checking center role and that is the role that he has been calling for since he got here. I have no idea why Jackass denies that role time and time again. By not playing Holik against the other teams top players, Sather does not put the Rangers in a position to win games. LIke I said yesterday, the simplest thing in the world to do that would help the Rangers win more games is to play Holik against the opposing top lines.
While we're at it, has anyone noticed that over the last month or so, Kasper has been our best defensive defenseman? He is back to playing a nasty game that he thrives in. The pairing of him and de Vries SHOULD NOT be broken up. De Vries can steady Kasper by allowing him freedom to take the body, the way that Cross did last year. De Vries stays back and Kasper bangs away. Kasper almost has to be treated like an offenseman, with his partner staying back while Kasper dishes the body.
To me one trade can ALMOST solidfy the defense. Sorry, but it is Poti. IF Poti can be traded for a similarly aged, stay-at-home defensemen, our defense would actually be able to be molded into a decent unit. Think about it:
Leetch-Whomever Poti brings back in a trade (Gauthier, Gill, Boyton, etc)
de Vries-Kasper

I would send out the de Vries/Kasper pairing on the ice every time with the Holik line to go against the other teams top line EVERY SHIFT.

Rangers played a decent game last night. We saw the "new" system at work. Good chances by the team with the defensemen jumping in. However, if a wing does not back check, odd man rushes will result. Last night we saw that on the Axelson goal and I think one other time.
Kovalev has got to shoot the puck on those 2 on 1's. And what the eff'was Messier thinking on the odd-man rush in the 3rd? Shoot the effin' puck, Mark. Forget the pretty 4th pass. Back to AK. He played a good game defensively (he DID have a few giveaways though), but he has got to shoot the damm puck.
Nedved played a decent game too. Maybe what he needs is just target practice. If he can get his wrister on goal more often, he would have lots more points. How many times have we seen him miss the net completely?
This team needed to win one of the 'Sens/B's games and then win against Toronto on Friday. Lost to the 'Sens and beat the B's, they did. This team NEEDS to lay into the 'Leafs on Friday. Anything less than 2 points is unacceptable. That's what happens when you squander so many early points.
So you're saying that the Leaf game is a must win game? :p

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