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03-16-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by oilchamp99 View Post
Were not 5 wins behind #8, we are 5 points behind, if we win and they lose, we gain 2 pts. Your way of thinking is actually giving the false impression were 5 games behind when in reality we are 2.5. Why over analyze it, its not only wrong but silly.
Actually, he is right, think of it in terms of baseball's "magic number"...we need a combination of oiler wins and (the 8th place teams') losses to add up to 5 just to get even in points with them!.

8th place is currently 4 games over .500 and we are 1 game the math, it adds up to 5 total, you still need to win at least 3 and have the other team lose 2 just to even up with them, although games played is in play as well, again similar to baseball, so you're right about the 2.5 games, because we have played a different number of games than 7th and 8th place teams.

Either way, we are done like dinner, it wont happen with all the teams playing each other, and 1/2 of the teams getting 2 points every night, makes it pretty much impossible.

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