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03-16-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
You are aware one game doesn't make a player? Girardi has been generally awful this season, has never been as good as everyone seems to think he is (yet gives him a pass because Staal and McDonagh have been there to cover his ass), and has never been a real, consistent #2 d-man. He's a minute-eater, yes absolutely. A #2? No. Being able to physically be on the ice for 20+ minutes a game does not equate to you actually being effective and making good decisions for those 20+ minutes. Girardi is easily our most overrated defenseman and will likely reel in the biggest return aside from Staal/McDonagh. Get a real #2, one who can actually play defense (and hey, maybe some offense since our blueline has absolutely none this season) and go from there.
im not overrating him at all..there are dman that are better then him.. guy hits, block shots, does it all IMO..EVERYONE HAS BEEEN AWFUL this year.. look where we are in the standings and what this team was suppose to do this year... ultimately win a CUPP!!! everyone is underachieving. he is def a top 4 dman in this league.. in this same trade thread people were saying trade DZ for ROR, trade mcd, trade hags in the beginning of the year.. Now its trade gabs, now today its trade girardi.. next week its going to be trade hank by the end of the season people are going to be saying Nash was a waste and we shouldve never got him... all i am saying is people on here over react like the world is ending or the sky is falling.. i am a HUGE ranger fan and want the best for the squad but some of you guys are ridiculous for wanting to trade players that are HUGE valuable assets that team's gm would give their right arm across the league to get our players...

people on here seem to forget people have down years and good years.. there are only a select few that bring it each and every year.. I am just glad some of you guys aren't the rangers gms bc we'd have the next milbury on our hand..

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