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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
Why not Eberle? They have similar build, speed, and draft pedigree.

Gagner is a bit of a late to mature, but is showing the same point/game propensity that Ebs showed last year.

For everything Ebs shows as a sniper Gags does as a playmaker/thinker.

I do believe Eberle is a bit better and has higher value regardless, but I don't see why these 2 players can have identical impacts and careers heading forward.

It's so much easier for Eberle because he's a winger - less overall responsibility and difficulty to play his position than Gagner's.
i think this is one of those circumstances where you need to look past the numbers and just watch the players play... eberle is the more gifted player, without question, i don't think you'll find much luck arguing otherwise... i also tend to think the skill gap is actually fairly large... gagner makes up for some of the difference in his compete level, which is definitely higher than eberle's

but just looking at the stats:

age 20 - 0.62 PPG
age 21 - 0.97
age 22 - 0.67 (so far this year, during a very bad cold streak)

age 20 - 0.60
age 21 - 0.62
age 22 - 0.63
age 23 - 0.96 (this season so far)

so eberle did everything 1 or 2 years sooner, and his "off-year" (this year) is still better than gagner's best year before this season... i would also guess that gagner's numbers come down a bit throughout the rest of this season, and eberle's will go up some (as their respective shooting% regress to the mean somewhat)... unless you think it's likely that gagner continues shooting at 15.3% and eberle continues at 7.3% (hint: neither of those is very likely)

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