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12-23-2003, 05:47 AM
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Welcome, OT.

Favorite moments:
- Game 5 of the 1989 Patrick Division Final, where Propp scored when a flying puck bounced off the top of Mike Ridley's head and onto his stick, and Hextall scored his second goal. ESPN didn't carry that game and I didn't get Prism, so I listened to it on WIP although I could barely hear through the static.
- My favorite radio moment was Gene Hart's call of Poulin's goal while two-men down against Quebec
- I wish I had been in the Forum for the 1987 game where Chico Resch (?) turned the net around on Claude Lemieux and the subsequent pre-game brawl
- My first game I saw live, in 1987 versus the Penguins, when over 250 penalty minutes were handed out (as an example, Pelle Eklund received a fighting major) - what an initiation!
- That 5-OT marathon. When the game started, you had no indication that you were watching a historical event. Who else can remember having more fun sleep-walking through work the next day?

Other cool moments:
- LeClair's consecutive (?) hat trick games only a few games into his Flyer career, and both games against Montreal that year after the trade. It was neat to think that he was really something special.
- Lindros's backhand winner in the waning seconds during the 1997 playoffs against the Rangers to win the game
- Many other Lindros moments; he and Philadelphia were a symbiotic relationshiip, and it's too bad everybody (mostly Eric) didn't have the foresight to know it.

Worst moments:
- Dale Hunter's Game 7 OT goal in 1988 (I can still see Hextall lying on his back in the net)
- Stevens's hit on Lindros; that building had so much energy and hope that night, alas...
- In the third period of Game 7 in 1987, watching Hexy save everything but the kitchen sink that eventually came off Glenn Anderson's stick, and his head in his lap as he looked behind him to see the puck that had gone through his legs. That was a special team that just refused to die; it's too easy to think about what could have happened had Tim Kerr been able to play. It was such a draining playoff year, that even the fans needed a couple of days to recover and move on. Of course, I was born a Red Sox fan so I know all about pain.

I can't really say I was too overwhelmed by the loss to Detroit. In hindsight, the Flyers that year overachieved and Detroit had paid its dues to be there for a few years before. It was tough, but not as bad as some others.

As for what led me to love hockey and the Flyers (I could never love another), I guess I should start at the beginning. This mind come as a surprise to some of you, but I can be a little long-winded.

Long ago, the Earth was a molten ball, then my mother met a man, and I was much older before I was able to watch the Flyers on television. I grew up in the Wyoming Valley, in a small town a few miles south of Wilkes-Barre named Alden (no, not the one near Philly). It never was a hockey hotbed, and even now I question the passion (if you go to a W-B Penguins game, be sure the only thing the masses cheer are the fights and goals - never a key penalty kill, for example, although they're getting better). My folks were always a little on the thrifty side, so getting Prism was out of the question. Every now and then, Prism would run a special where they'd try to attract new customers with free programming over the weekend or something like that, and my younger brother and I would flock to the televisions like flies to a road apple. Nobody in the family knew a hockey puck from an elephant, so the odds were against me. I do remember the 1980 Game 6 game first being on national television - I think CBS carried it (yes, younger members, there was a day when there were three channels and PBS and it seemed perfectly normal).

My first exposure to the Flyers and hockey in general actually developed as a result of - and I don't think I'm alone here - the 1980 Olympics. I remember pushing a checker around the playroom with a flexible track from a Hot Wheels set, and my mother shouting down every couple of minutes as I slammed it into something. Although I don't remember specific details other than flipping a lame shot off your wrong foot is a sure-fire way to earn a lifetime job talking about it at Walter Brown. That Friday night semi-final game is relatively fresh in my memory. I think it was the emotion and intensity that attracted me, which is one thing the Flyers always had.

Somewhere along the way, I had heard plenty about the Flyers, and I always read about them in the paper (I miss a good old-fashioned newspaper box score). I found that I could barely get reception if I listened to them on the radio. I'm pretty sure I was listening to WIP, although I can't remember if a different station carried them back then. I could barely hear it, and I used to curse the solar winds something awful. But in hindsight, I feel fortunate for spending so much time listening to Gene Hart's down that right wing side and other phrases before I actually got to watch a game. His annunciation was perfect. I remember him

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