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07-31-2006, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by funky View Post
Okay, I am sick of homer fans. #1 I am a Gretzky fan from way back and I jumped bandwagons as he got traded, well other then the Blues. I am now cheering for both the Rangers and the Kings and would love them to meet in the finals.

I am embarrassed lately about the homerism (if that is a word) of a lot of Ranger fans. Some King fans to some extent seems to be a little out there but when I see arguements about Brown probably not havin the potential of a Montoya it bugs me.

Remember I am a fan of each team but I know Montoya has never played one game in the big leagues so far and has also had up and down seasons. Brown may if lucky pan out to be close to a Deader type but for now Brown has the edge as he can play in the league and Montoya could be the next Richter but he could also be a Storr. Point being just because a player wears your teams sweater doesn't automatically mean he will be the next great superstar.

As for the Staal Frolov comparison, whoever writes of this trade in a matter of seconds better do some research. L.A's whole team sucked the last half due to injuries and teamwork. Staal looks great so far but thats in the OHL not the NHL.

Point being Frolov is a proven 2nd liner with a good contract and a good upside who has already proven himself. Staal has great potential but there is also a chance is a Dale Puriton, doubtful but still unproven.

Just my 2 cents but some days I swear that Rangers fans would take Montoya over Ovechkin and L.A fans would value Frolov over Crosby. Hammer away but at least put some sensible logic behind statements.

We overrated our top 10 pick goaltender who had an absolutely awesome season in the AHL??? Are you kidding? I would NOT move Montoya for a guy like Brown. Sorry. Brown is a nice prospect, but Montoya is either an awesome chip for the future or he can be our teams #1 goaltender. He had a stellar year last year.

He's absolutely been disregarded on this board as a prospect and that is more disgusting than anything.

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