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12-23-2003, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
I would certainly look into doing the Arnott for Lindros rumoured swap and here's why---

As I said Eric will be in Maple Leaf Blue come July 1st so we might as well get some sort of value for him and I'm not talking about a Cujo trade where the guy has zero value but the situation w/Dallas may be a good fit as the Stars are reaching the desperation stage and are in need of a big shakeup but w/Modano being the franchise guy despite a terrible start, Guerin and Turgeon being untrable due to ridiculous contracts and guys like Lehtinen and Morrow being affordable guys they have no interest in moving Arnott is one of the few chips they have.

The reason they may make this move for Lindros is because they need a major spark and need a center to come in that can make things happen w/Modano being in his funk.Teaming Lindros w/Guerin could make for a legit 1st line and being that there is zero obligation to Eric after this year it seems like a team in the Stars position would take this risk as an attempt to make a playoff run and take one last stab at it before the CBA this summer.They also have a brand new building they'd like to keep full and playing as they have while not being able to score to save their lives they need to get back on track and fast.

Arnott on the other side of things makes 4 and change and is younger then Eric and I believe under contract for next season.He gives us another big center to replace Eric when he would've walked this summer and being that Eric hasn't formed any chemistry with anybody as of now it doesn't upset any chemistry issues amoung lines.

The move also frees up some 5 million as Lindros makes the 9.3 while Arnott makes only 4-4.5 so over the summer we'd have some salary space to add something desired up front while after the CBA gets hammered out may bring a whole different level of player then it would net you over these last few yrs.

Is Arnott a savior, not in a million yrs but it beats letting Eric continue to get misused throughout our lineup and then just walk up to Toronto after the yrs up while recieving nothing in return and I'm always a fan of having big centers in the east and Arnott has proven he can succeed in the Atlantic and has decent a skill level.

Aside from that I found the whole Gill-Poti rumour goign around the B's board pretty interesting.Gill reportedly hasn't played well either but may be the type of guy we can pair with Leetch to finally give him the type of partner he could mesh and become comfortable with.He has the great size and won't have to handle the puck as much as he does on the B's if #2 were his d-partner.

I'm down on Poti and curse the day we sent a cornerstone heart guy like York packing for him but I also don't want to just dump him to dump him but he isn't going to get better in his own end and he makes alot of $$$(Gill would save us around a milliion) and it Slats continues to try to go w/a Leetch Poti pairing we might as well swap him for a guy who'd likely fit the team better in that spot as well as one that adds some physical play, size and crease-clearing abilities in the process.

And one last thing--the longer this hovering around .500 and the hanging in the 7-10 spots in the playoff race the more likely it becomes that #68 will be in a blueshirt before the deadline (not that this is what I'd want at all)and if that is the case I certainly would look to do something that gets us a return for Eric and Arnott has actually played pretty well this season thus far.
If I'm not mistaken Eric already missed out on his games played bonuses because he's missed X amount of games. That would bring him in at a lofty 3.3 million for the year.

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