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08-01-2006, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by dakose View Post
I almost puked after reading this post. Are you serious? You can't have been typing that withouth chuckling. Players not worthy to be lead by Mark "I lead better than Jesus" Messier? Sorry, I don't buy that. If Messier was the true leader he was, he would never have left NY to begin with. His "We'll Win Tonite" comment was one promise he made and kept, while he made scores of others that never panned out. That is why the effective leaders lead by example and example alone, not hot air.
And I'm laughing at your post. If Messier was a "true leader" he would never have left NY to begin with? Are you serious? And if you were a "real man", you'd never leave your place of employment. (Or let me guess. Not of age to work yet?) Sorry, that comment is both naive and myopic.

You can stick to getting caught up on remembering quotes. Some of us will look at the big picture, as in Cups won.

I just love ingrateful fans. No Messier, it's 66 years and counting. But...he was about "hot air"...for 24 seasons!

Nope, Messier wasn't a true leader.

PS - Next time, don't put words in my mouth (or post). Never said the Canucks weren't worthy of being led by Messier. I stated that they simply weren't that good. Reading is fundamental.

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