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03-16-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by NJ_CATS_FAN View Post
Well we are completey set, and loaded at WR. Having Wallace is going to do wonders for this team!! Between Hartline, Gibson, Bess and now Keller someone will always be open and Tannehill has a **** load of weapons at his disposal. He should have real nice numbers this season. On top of all those weapons at WR, thats not even mentioning Miller coming out of the backfield. I think we are going to see a ton of TDs this year instead of settling for FGs.

I have a feeling Long is coming back. He left STL with no contract and now other teams are getting in contact, but I think he used STL for leverage in money with us. Not sure what the Rams offered, but I have a feeling it was either 8-8.5 mil/season. He said he was wanting more, but I think we come in and offer him at least 9. Once that happens, he signs with Miami.

I think with the revamping of the WRs/TE, I think we are going to see a mostly defensive draft, especially the secondary. We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and I would absolutely LOVE it if Ireland did something where we drafted Milliner and Trufant. That combination would be amazing in our secondary.
No way Jake gets 9. I think if he were to sign here, its going to be in the $7-8 million range. Its between us and the Rams, and I think we will know by Monday at the latest.

What Im really interested in right now is Elvis Dumervil. He is a hometown guy, born in Miami and played HS ball in Miami. He would probably cost us close to $9 million to sign him, so we would probably have to let someone go. He wants to play for the Fins, and he would be the biggest acquisition for us. Yes, even bigger than Wallace. Him and Wake on the ends would be amazing, and our front seven would be one of the best in the game. By adding a Dumervil, it will relieve the pressure on the CBs, because the opposing QBs will not have all day to pass. The defense would be so good, and it will allow our offense to take more chances. Getting Long re-signed, and adding Dumervil gives us the division IMO, especially considering we have a boatload of picks in the draft as well.

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