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03-16-2013, 11:10 PM
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That last roadtrip was indicative of the whole season in a nutshell for the Oilers.

They got 8 pts in 9 games and I think most were happy with that result overall. Players, coaches and even fans seemed generally content that by winning the last couple games of that trip they had somehow salvaged that trip and 8 pts in 9 games was "ok"... even decent.

Problem is... that's simply mediocre and if they are always in a perpetual state of being content with slightly less than a pt per game on the road they'll never get anywhere.

At home the team is basically mediocre as well. 11 pts in 11 games. Not good enough to actually achieve anything except being able to book early tee times on April 28th.

It sounds illogical... but essentially every team in the West is going to be at least a ".500 team" this season. Getting a point a game in the West is no great shakes... it's what every team will be able to muster this year. Maybe 15th will be below that level but not by much.

Oilers can't just shoot for a near pt per game pace on the road and then play mediocre at home... a win.. a loss.. a shootout/overtime loss.

That pattern is something any team in the West can achieve and I think the whole mindset of the team from the management/coaching on down to the players is one based on mediocrity and that a .500 team is "pretty good"... decent... and shows they are progressing.

Problem is that every team in the West is "pretty good" if you use that low bar to judge their quality.

In short... no chance in hell at the playoffs until they get out of that mediocre mindset that I think has infected the org.

I truly think this team has it in them to achieve much more than they have so far but ironically, for a team that is coached by someone who apparently is very talented in motivating and teaching positivity... this is a team that is a case study in mediocrity and accepting subpar results.

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