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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
Is Messier overrated in terms of all-time greats?


My opinion is that he is a great player but no where the level that some people attribute to him.

Here are the few points that Messier fans use.

"He is the greatest leader in NHL history"

How many times did he lead his team to the playoffs after 1996?

"He is second all-time in scoring"

Would he be had he retired around 2000? When his elite days were over? He was basically just taking up salary space and demanding attention from New York but he did not play at the level that his salary or even his reputation demanded.

"He's the best all-around player NHL history"

Is he really? I can name Howe, Trottier, Mikkita, Beliveau, Clarke that were all more complete and all-around players than him.

"He dominated his peers"

Apart from 2 seasons he was never dominant and wasn't even a top 10 forward most seasons.

"He ended New York's drought"

The media in New York has forever overhyped this accomplishment and it was Leetch that was the most dominant in the playoff run and Messier got lots of help from Graves, Kovalev (who played his best playoff hockey that year), Leetch, Richter, Zubov. However Messier gets all the credit for it but was he as instrumental in that playoff as the media perceived him to be?
Once again we see an all-time great having longevity held against him...In 2000/2001 67 points, 2001/2002 23 points in 41 games, 2002/2003 40 points, and 2003/2004 43 points...Those numbers are still very good numbers for lower end top 6 forwards and he was 40-43 years old.

Aside from his later years he also had 6 100+ point seasons, 3 90 points seasons...He had 16 years where he was a PPG player. 6 cups, a smythe, 2 harts, 2 lindsay. Scoring wise he has the 2nd most shorthanded goals ever so that shows you how good was defensivly.

Looking at all his appearences on top 10 leader boards for each category and season shows you more of how great he was.

IMO he is not overrated in the slightest...Its not as if people think he was the 2nd greatest ever since he has 2nd most points but for me he is easily top 15 and maybe top 10 of all time.

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