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03-16-2013, 11:45 PM
It's gotta be true.
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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
I agree no soup. Completely un-necessary. Again I ask, who actually came up with this idea? Gotta be a puppetmaster or two who came up with idea.
Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
One final note on the pee wee all star game... I looked at the rosters and conveniently there are five skaters per team on the rosters. Nice and balanced so everyone is happy.
Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
Four, Five, Six teams.... Get it done already. Base it on the number of kids playing bantam or anticipated to move up to bantam.

You could have a city of 500, 000 with 1 % playing hockey. It's the percent playing hockey. That must determine participation at the elite level. Yep.

Saskatoon had one pee wee AA team with one bloody win the entire regular season. Granted they had some success post season. Goal differential of MINUS 75. Now this is one of two things: a) Lack of skilled players, b) Inadequate coaching or both. It wasn`t due to a lack of skill. Bantam was much tighter. But I will tell you, 6 teams at SBAAHL will not equal success. Agreed. I've heard they are moving ahead with five as agreed by SBAAHL, but I'm not 100% sure. Five in my opinion will not spell great success but we'll see. Agreed. Good coaching goes a long way.

Completely turning gears now... Pee wee GSHL all star game? This was news to me... Here's a clipping from the GSHL site:

"All players selected to the all star teams were selected by the coaches from their respective divisions!"

I see the nod was given to pretty much every son of a coach. Rightly or wrongly. Folks, you don't even keep recorded stats in pee wee in your league. An all star game? Poor timing too. What is the purpose of the all star game (GSHL backers) at pee wee? Please enlighten me? Common answer will be it is a reward. Is the reward not simply playing elite AA at that level? Who came up with the all star game idea at pee wee? Was it one parent/coach/executive member? Next step, GSHL atom draft to pee wee GSHL. Saskatoon, please relax a bit already.
From what I heard, the idea was first promoted by a bantam coach. My guess, and that`s all it is - a guess - is that they decided to make a day of it and add a pee wee game. I will agree that the timing was atrocious. That said, I`m not sure where the degree of criticism is coming from. The games themselves, despite the goofy format and lack of preparation time, were fairly enjoyable. The kids played fairly hard and seemed to have fun. Parents/grandparents seemed to have fun (without taking it too seriously). For those who were evaluating for next year, it was actually quite informative. Again, other than the terrible timing, I`d say `no harm, no foul`.

As for the selection process, I can see where somebody would be a little skeptical. I can say, however, that the bantam and pee wee teams I would have picked would only have been marginally different (1 bantam player and perhaps 3 pee wee players in total) from the ones that stepped on the ice.

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