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03-17-2013, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by jonyro84 View Post
Just gonna throw this out there. Being that I don't know the age range of a lot of our league but, in talking with a couple GMs, just was wondering something. For me, it is much harder to get games in on weekends as those are the nights when plans are typically made and previous arrangements tend to get in the way of gaming. Yet, we have less time to complete games during this period, thus it seems like more games get simmed. Just tossing it out there, instead of a Monday, Friday sim schedule. It seems like Tuesday, Saturday would get more games in. Of course, this is just a couple GMs opinion, interested in what the rest of you guys think.
Haha after our conversation I was about to bring it up here. If the schedule stays the same I am y need to start enabling my CPU for the weekend sim schedule.

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