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08-01-2006, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by TomPlex View Post
Casino is pretty damn nice. I think the minimum for all card games is $10. The wait can be 20-30 minutes for a table though, it's always almost packed there.

If you want a bar where you can augle girls go to Sir Winston Churchill's on Crescent. It's one place with three floors. Bottom is the bar/dance floor (called Sir Winston Churchill's), middle is Winnie's which is a restaurant/bar, and the top floor is the club Karina's. The bottom floor is full of sleazebags though, but some hot women, and the dancefloor is very packed, so mucho touching
Very true. The dowstairs is honestly disgusting but the girls are extremely slutty. I've seen girls having sex on the dancefloor agaisnt the wall. If you just want girls that's a good place to try.

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