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03-17-2013, 01:05 AM
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Trying to sort out the theories on this board is rough and confusing:

"trade high" vs "can't trade a newly signed FA"
"dump the dead weight" (I assume that means no value to team) vs "Asset Management" (Must keep non-assets unless getting a good return)
"proven talent is more valuable than prospects w/higher potential" vs "Draft picks are worth more than proven NHL players still reaching potential"
"Team is ready to compete" vs "team is 2-3yrs away"
"FO needs to take chances to try and improve team by moving assets" (like EJ,Varly Trades) vs "FO needs to be conservative and not take risks with current assets"

Makes for good reading though. Lots of smart people and good dialog for each side. Leaps and bounds above some other teams' boards.

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