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03-17-2013, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ghostofweezman View Post
You won't catch me saying this. I'd rather shore up the awful defense than have a logjam at center. People always talk about what a great problem it is to have (a logjam at center), and I think to myself "its a great problem to have... this team is awful. at the bottom of the standings currently. missed the playoffs 5 of 7 years. how is this a great problem to have?"
Our strength down the middle is our 'Strength' as a team, without that we don't have a strength. At least having one area that makes it hard for teams to match-up against is valuable.

Our defense can improve without moving one of our centers, the problem right now is coaching, and defense. Not the forward core...

If you score 3 or 4 goals in as many games as we have and still lose... It's a little telling. It's also telling when our goaltending @ even strength is 11th in the league, and Varly/Jiggy have save percentages of .900 or better to go along with almost 3.00 goals against average between the both of them.

Defense impacts your PK, PP, transition game, and so much more... Along with coaching having an impact on those things as well. Forwards have a secondary impact on defense, but not nearly enough to have 4 6/7th defenders playing on the back-end nightly.

We need to keep our offensive fire-power as well as add to it, not sacrifice it for defense. I agree with Lonewolfe in that it's just swaping one thing for another. We need to ADD to our team without removing valuable pieces. The two ways to do that are free-agency and the draft, which require patience...

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