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03-17-2013, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Eagle Claw View Post
Feels like filppula is past he's prime
Filppula is a player that kind off breeds from quality
The better players he plays with the better results he gets
Now when the detroit team is starting to fade away slowly so is he

I wouldnt touch him unless he's for free and cheap and he's probably neither
Injuries are starting pile up too he's not been well this season , he got injured in the FEL league and it's not healed 100%
Sorry, but you're not making any sense and I don't even think we should trade for Filppula or try to sign him. He's definitely not past his prime, he's just entered it. It took time for his knee to heal properly, then he injured his shoulder but now he's back and he looks pretty much like he did last season (I've watched two of Detroit's games since he came back). Of course he'll produce better with elite players (that applies to most players), but the Wild just happens to have a center who's good enough to get Filppula to produce, so your point in that case is moot.

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