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03-17-2013, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Multimoodia View Post
I agree with the sentiment that Perron had one of the worst-effort defensive games of his career tonight. It was painful to watch.
Now, the frustrating thing about that was in the first period he was looking very good in the offensive zone but after he and Berglund did not convert he just seemed to...fade...
Consistency, thy name is still not David Perron. May never be.
Frenchie is still an astoundingly talented devil though.

Allen may be proving me wrong. I thought he needed further seasoning simply because Bishop played so many minutes in Peoria (Allen may have shared duties but Bishop was always the one who was going to be called up first, etc.) and he seemed to be a bit inconsistent. I am now wondering ever-more how much of the issue was actually Peoria rather than his own capabilities.
Regardless, if Allen is still putting up anything close to these numbers at the end of the season I would have a hard time not getting excited over the possibility of running two #1's out there in 2013-2014. I will say that Allen looks more like the type of goaltender who is an actual #1 and not a #1A like Halak.

Best game by Russell yet. I know we cannot expect every game from his to be this effective, but even 80% would make him an extremely valuable 3rd defenseman.

Cole actually looked far better than I thought he would, he managed to seal and force fairly large, talented players to the outside repeatedly. I can only think of a few mistakes he made and at least two of them were a result of him not knowing his partner/playing on the opposite side of the ice he has been used to this season. When he simplifies his game he shows he can be an effective defenseman.

When everyone recovers (if?) Steen needs to stay on the wing. Sobotka is evolving in to a player who can adequately or better play 3rd line center in the Blues system. I suppose this could be an unsustainable pace, but if it is not and this new Sobotka is the new the Blues will have for the future then they need not look for 3rd line centers and instead should only be pursuing 2nd line or better.

That was the D'Agostini effect. Both he and Berglund looked better with Tarasenko. With D'agostini, Perron started pressing and Berglund started disappearing. If Oshie isn't back soon and Hitchcock wants to keep Schwartz and Sobotka with Tarasenko, Cracknell would probably do better with Perron and Berglund. At least he can cycle the puck with them and not lose it.

D'Agostini serves no purpose whatsoever. None.

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