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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
What I don't get is how anyone can actually come away from this thinking that AV is blameless or should shoulder less blame than the players. Either the players are making this **** up, in which case it's a negative because it means they tuned the coaches out. Or this is the strategy given to them by the coaches in which case it looks bad on the coaches because it hasn't worked in over a year now.

There's honestly no angle to the team's current play that makes the coaches look good.
Dose anyone think AV is blameless?? there have been 4 players that have looked good in this entire organisation, from the GM and coaches, down to, well it starts to look a bit better in the K wings and CHL...

IMO it is a combination of strategy, execution and personal.

And if we assume that MG makes moves, since they tend to come out of nowhere, then all 3 are being worked on.

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