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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
You know, if he's willing to admit 'in the room' that he's to blame, why wouldn't he be willing to say it out in the open? This is really just reaching here. Are you suggesting he - as a professional hockey coach - either lies to the public or is afraid to admit he makes mistakes?
Well I have sort of talked about what I think about that a page back...

On saying to the media that the blame is on himself or not.

"Both sides of the same coin, It is never always the coach and it is never not the coach, both are just ways of trying to, well, give sound bites to the media".

On weather he thinks it is him that is to blame.

"On truly believe he's doing anything wrong, is kind of relative to the individual, by that I mean, he knows (I would hope) that they have played crap, but you do things that you think are right, and if they don't work, you look at why. Treating success and failure the same way, a chance to get better."

No I am not suggesting he lies, I don't know what he believes or dosent, but there is a whole PR industry built around these sorts of things, so if you want to read into what he says in his pressers I would start looking there. I do believe he will say to the public what he thinks is best to say though. What he wants to achieve I do not know.

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