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03-17-2013, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Congo Jack View Post
I SOMETHING, even if it's a lip-service interview that attempts to convince the fans this team is on the right track. At least that would be something that acknowledges the fans' patience in some small way.

I don't believe Sacco will be fired before the end of the season. The season can't be saved, so management likely believes there's no point. Even so, I think Sacco should be fired RIGHT NOW, but he won't be.

I definitely don't want Burke here--he's proven to be almost as clueless in the salary cap era as Lacroix and his "successors." I don't think Roy would be a good choice either. And of course, a Roy/Burke relationship would never, ever work, but you know it'd make for great drama. At least that would be something better than what we're getting from the current regime.

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