Thread: Speculation: It's Time to Tank: Who Gets Moved
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03-17-2013, 03:04 AM
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I don't know how anyone can say that Jay Bouwmeester isn't the best defenceman this team has developed.

Yah he disappeared at end but the guy was a monster for us for a couple of good seasons (scored 40+ points 3 times and 15 goals twice).

Kulikov is taking a long time to develop and with his injuries, is taking even longer. Guds hasn't shown me anything that tells me he is going to be higher than a 5th defenseman. His skating is just terrible. You can tell me he's injured and isn't physical, so I understand him not hitting. But he looks scared with the puck. His skating is sketchy and a pairing of him and Jovo is a nightmare IMO.

I know we all want Mackinnon (and so do I, trust me), but with the status of our defense right now, I don't know if the smart move for this franchise wouldn't be picking Seth Jones. Our blueline does not look as promising as it once did. Guds is still young and I know a lot of big d-men take time to develop, so I am more worried about Kuli.

Kid has well over 200 games under his belt and still can't hit the net. He's out of position, doesn't have a lot of physical ability in his game, and seems to have some brain farts.

I know a ton of you are high on Kuli so I will most likely get bashed for this, but I'm just not as excited for his future as I once was. I see no signs of serious improvement from him and no progress in his career being made. I really want to see him succeed but we need to start seeing results.

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