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08-01-2006, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
The remaining 10% of the posters here should form a special tactical strike team which hits back hard anytime a media member crosses any line. Diss the captain? You wake up in the morning with goat droppings on your car. (I'm assuming the more traditional goat decapitation is not (or at least extremely rarely) an option). Or maybe you get locked in a basement for a while. Or a couple of english hooligans drive up and smack you around a bit. Or we really go all out and do like the US Army, blare Manowar or Rhapsody OF FIRE outside your window all night long. Being a member of the Anti-Media Strike Force would probably be more fun.
I think I might enjoy the loud music should it happen to me. Unless you are talking about just repeatedly blasting the narration at full volume to someone forced to listen for hours at a time. That might become painful, on several levels

And as for an Anti-Media Strike Force, what is Doug Gilmour up to these days? That was a man with more practical jokes than he had victims to try them on. Let him loose on people who deserve a little shock, he could work alone (or with other people if help was required) and everyone else in the A-MSF could go along and watch, grading his actions and making notes on what happened, which can be given to mcphee, who can relay events in his column. Works out nicely for everyone, doesn't it?

As for serious suggestions, most of the people mentioned already for the reasons stated. Maybe get a Russian correspondant to provide insight on Emelin (if he doesn't come/go over), Valentenko and Korneev. Although I expect Dan could also keep us well up to speed in those cases. And after Whitesnakes field reports from the development camp, he could be a 'reporter at the scene'.

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