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03-17-2013, 05:27 AM
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Josh ''humble pie'' Gorges:
love it when he said in a recent interview '' we have won nothing one remembers the regular season once it's all over...
you can be 1st in the Conference or Division and then lose in the 1st Rnd and it's all for nothing''.
****ing right. Damn right.

I found it funny/tad hypocritical though when he praised DD's recent contract...
I thought he would say ''DD's contract? don't know about that...I just know this is a team thing and we're focusing on the team...don't know anything about someone's contract''
(just comparing his comment to a journalist question about Subban's arrival after all the negotiations/delay talk).

The real season is in MAY.
(yes the regular season is important for qualifying and home advantage position but we forget about that as soon as the REAL season starts...Markov better stay healthy and better bring it this time...I'm pulling for Markov to stay healthy but will be a bitter ***** as usual if he gets injured before or during the playoffs, or...regular season).

We need a solid/gritty top 4-5 dman for insurance...imho.
(I won't say no to a solid top 3 dman, but don't want to give up 2nd Rnd Picks).
(Diaz has been a hot top 4 offensive dman this season...but we still have to insure ourselves since we know about Markov and how our team can get so ****'ed up when he gets injured for such a long time).
I don't want us to depend on Kaberle or Weber in playoffs..., so...get that top 4-5 dman...SOON. (doesn't have to be a big/known name...just someone who can get the job done AND is maybe underrated/not so well known so we don't have to overpay to get him!).

4 or 5___?___
------------- --------------
-------------- ------------------

p.s.: I'm a huge Gorges' fan...didn't mean to insult Gorges' quotes (in the above! just having some fun).

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