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08-01-2006, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptCrunch View Post
Well, Rivet used to suck real good in 2003-2004. Actually, I see him and Souray as the clunker brothers, one tends to know an increadible season when the other is a mess (Souray in 2003-2004 was a lot better than in 2005-2006!).
Rivet only sucked when he was our #2 defenceman. It's not his fault that he was given a role that he's not suited to fill. He's a perfect 2nd pairing guy but you can't expect him to anchor the D. He'll anchor the team off the ice though. He's vital to keeping this team together, and so is Souray, although probably slightly less so.

Hey! Calm down Mr.Paranoid!

1) Local players who were critiqued last year: Dagenais, Ribeiro, Theodore

2) While you may be influenced by media (s?), I trust someone can appreciate Bouillon without being linked to the "idiot french media"

3)The get a clue comment was not necessary.

You get a clue!
Dagenais, Ribeiro and Theodore had to REALLY, REALLY start sucking badly before they were critisized. I mean how short is your memory? Do you not remember how Dagenais was considered our best goalscorer by the 110% guys? I remember them saying that Dagenais was the only guy on the team capable of scoring 30 goals.

Ribeiro, well same thing. Last year he was the future of the team and our #1 centre and people were saying how Koivu was expendable then.

Theodore was our superstar and our darling and the future of the team as well. Even when he was playing badly, it was never his fault.

Local guys will get critisized, but only after a really rough stretch. They get alot of slack I find. I've never heard anyone on 110% give Begin crap for taking stupid penalties in the worst possible situations...They still refer to him as "Jésus Bégin" no matter what. He's good but he's not perfect, and as much as I like him, there's been more than one occasion where I'm screaming at my TV for his hotheaded penalties.

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