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03-17-2013, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
No, the problem is the team is playing like it doesn't give a **** whether they win or lose. If last year's team was embarrassed in a game, they would rattle off a winning streak to wash the stink of that embarrassment off of themselves. This year's Rangers? They don't even notice the stink.

Losing is an infection. In a way, I'm glad Kreider isn't up with the NHL team. This isn't the environment for him to develop in. When people tried to say this earlier in the year, I held off. I said it's too soon to say this. It isn't too soon anymore. Last year, everyone in favor of the Nash trade kept on saying that it would be "easy" to replace heart and character. They said that doesn't matter and skill is all that counts. I kept on pointing out that Nash has ALWAYS been a loser, and over and over again I pointed out that my biggest fear was that he would bring that comfort with losing to the Rangers' locker room. That's exactly what happened.

Where is Ryan Callahan? Some of this has to fall on his shoulders as well. Many of you said that we didn't need Dubi or AA because Cally would provide all the leadership we needed. Where is it? He's only scored 4 ES goals this season. He's putting up third line production while getting elite first line minutes. He disappears for games at a time. Yeah, when he's on his game, he's amazing. I'd never dispute that, and I love the kid when he's on his game. The problem is that he's so rarely on his game anymore.

What happened to Girardi? Boyle? Gaborik? Richards? (Staal has played great, and it shouldn't be up to kids like MDZ, Hags, or Stepan to lead the way). Where is their pride?

I was terrified that the trade of a big chunk of our home-grown core for a big-name, declining, perennial loser would turn this team into the pre-lockout Rangers. I didn't want to be right. Losing a few players from the middle lines shouldn't be a debilitating loss. The problem is that it's not JUST about subtracting a few good character guys. You've also added a very big bad influence to that still young locker room. Nash had a reputation for being lazy and apathetic in Columbus. He can be lazy and still put up numbers. The problem is when other players follow that lead.
You make some excellent points here. I wonder how many folks here regret the Nash trade. I am 50/50 on this.

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