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08-01-2006, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Slitty View Post
Its Tuesday in both North America and Russia mate. Refer to the discussion on the Penguins board for almost certain discreditation of the said deadline. It has been largely unconfirmed both in North America and especially Russia, and has passed without a word being spoken on either side.

The IIHF deadline is August the 15th.
The alleged July 31 deadline has nothing to do with the IIHF deadline. NHL assistant commisioner Bill Daly was quoted in one newspaper as saying the NHL would proceed without an agreement if Russia wouldn't sign on by yesterday.

So there's two possibilities here:

(1) Bill Daly actually said it.
(2) Bill Daly didn't actually say it.

If Bill Daly actually said it, then it might have been a bluff to put pressure on the Russian hockey federation, or maybe they actually have plans to proceed without agreement but haven't said anything publicly about it yet.

If Bill Daly didn't actually say it, then Karen Price of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review put an outright fabrication in her report. Which could happen, I suppose, but usually if hockey reporters are going to outright fabricate something, they don't name an actual person as the source. They attribute it to an "NHL executive" or something. Because if you say Bill Daly said blah-blah and Bill Daly said nothing of the sort, you run the risk that Bill Daly will catch wind of it and publicly discredit you (or worse).

With the Penguins ownership and arena situation you can be sure that somebody from the NHL has been following Pittsburgh newspapers over the past few days. The July 31 deadline was also referred to in articles in TSN Ice-chips, on Sportsnet, in the Edmonton Journal (in discussing Mikhnov's situation) and in several Pittsburgh papers (because of Malkin's situation). The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette referred to the expired deadline again today.

I find it strange that the NHL has not issued some kind of statement to clarify the situation. But it would be especially strange if the reported July 31 deadline was a fabrication and the NHL didn't do anything to contradict it.

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