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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
yeah they have, Clowe, care to explain why there's now 3 public votes on the arena project, if the attempt is to keep the Kings, then why didn't Sacramento, and hasn't California been struggling budget-wise, to avoid a scenario where Detroit now sits having an EFM decide what they do... to think that's going to save the Kings is a fallacy.... how can an entertainment/sporting arena operate w/o a major tenant, Kansas City has said they want nothing to do w/ a pro sports franchise in either the NBA OR NHL, can Sacramento do that, While competing w/ Oakland/SF/SJ/LA/Anaheim, LIKE Glendale's indirectly competing w/ AWA, should the Coyotes be relocated.
Sacramento isn't in competition with any of those cities. That doesn't make any sense. Sacramento msa has population of over 2 mil. The climate, economy, and people are different from those in the bay area. This isn't dinky Washington state where one city represents an entire state. Kj is doing this in the small hopes the city will convince the bog to vote down Hansen. He is also said that regardless of their decision, that the city is getting a new arena. He said this long before the maloof brothers cut their ties with him and refused to negotiate with the city or a potential local buyer. That's what you people from Seattle and other areas are refusing to recognize, you want to blame the city and fans of Sacramento when the owners have never tried to sale locally. After their fight with kj after they walked away from their verbal agreement, they were out to sell this city out.

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