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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Rivet only sucked when he was our #2 defenceman. It's not his fault that he was given a role that he's not suited to fill. He's a perfect 2nd pairing guy but you can't expect him to anchor the D. He'll anchor the team off the ice though. He's vital to keeping this team together, and so is Souray, although probably slightly less so.
Actually, I think that Rivet was already on the 2nd pairing with Markov for the most part of the 2003-2004 season. Wasn't Brisebois on the 1st pairing with Souray?

However the details are, I agree with you on this point. Neither Rivet or Souray are 1st paring defensemen. Neither is Bouillon.

Its just that some people tend to encense Rivet for the solid season he just experienced without remembering his earlier stint when he overreached frequently and put his defensive partner (most of the time Markov) in trouble for it.

In that regard, I think that Rivet and Souray are pretty similar in that they must absolutely keep their game simple and not try to do too much.

Rivet seemed to understand this in 2005-2006. Lets hope he keeps up the good work and that Souray takes example off him (in that less is more).

As for Bouillon, I put him in the same category as Rivet and Souray, minus the off ice leadership. I rarely see him try to do too much, he usually plays a solid game but he's never going to be a top pairing defensemen (I think we all agree on that point).

Dagenais, Ribeiro and Theodore had to REALLY, REALLY start sucking badly before they were critisized. I mean how short is your memory? Do you not remember how Dagenais was considered our best goalscorer by the 110% guys? I remember them saying that Dagenais was the only guy on the team capable of scoring 30 goals.

Ribeiro, well same thing. Last year he was the future of the team and our #1 centre and people were saying how Koivu was expendable then.

Theodore was our superstar and our darling and the future of the team as well. Even when he was playing badly, it was never his fault.

Local guys will get critisized, but only after a really rough stretch. They get alot of slack I find. I've never heard anyone on 110% give Begin crap for taking stupid penalties in the worst possible situations...They still refer to him as "Jésus Bégin" no matter what. He's good but he's not perfect, and as much as I like him, there's been more than one occasion where I'm screaming at my TV for his hotheaded penalties.
We are not talking about an eternity here. Dagenais, Ribeiro and Ryder were basically a sophomore 2nd trio in 2005-2006.

Of course they were hailed as future cornerstones. They were new guys showing promise. Its called "the new guy is going to be a superstar" syndrome and its the most common cause of bad judgement on this board (its to be expected! Its part of the fun!)

As for Theodore, his 2002-2003 season earned him a lot of goodwill. This goodwill stayed for, what, 1-2 years? (if you don't count the lockout). Yet again, I think people came to realise he had problems very quickly (when you look at the wishfull thinking going around the league [Belfour? Hasek? Lindros?], I don't think bad judgement is exclusive to french media).

I never had any problems with Begin. He comes in as advertised and actually delivers on par with expectations. I never had to re-evaluate his role (contrary to former "underrated" Bonk who was supposed to be able to pivot the 2nd trio without trouble. He's now a superstar "defensive center".... ahem).

My beef is that there really seems to be a french media paranoia around these parts and that a lot of people (thinking only about 110%) use the petty argument of "you have been brainwashed by Bergie and company" as a cheap comback aiming at other posters who post in favor of a player who happens to be francophone.

I'm not really aiming at you (your post has arguments that I can respond to logically in the hopes to have a *gasp* discussion). I'm only a bit tired of other "your stupid!" posts.

I usually like to hear why.

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