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03-17-2013, 09:30 AM
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Year in review

Sarault and Boucher,What can i say exc. season
JP anderson,same exc year,stoled many games for us
Goldobin,Good scorer and play maker,soft on the puck,needs to be aggressive,if cant check at least get in their way.
Latta, starting to get the puck in the net
Moore,finally getting it going,expected more after his preseason start
Hargrave,looking better every game
Carnavale,great skater andchecker,i was hoping better at pucking puck in net,hopefully that will come
Brown,hoping for more goals but is coming along,Plays like he is 6ft 5in on the ice,Fast and tries hard
Nikandrov,has really worked hard and coming together,fast
Renauld,a bit disappointing but hey,just a rookie and hope he progresses
Addesi ,Dipaolo,they know their roles,hoping with more ice time they improve

Duinick,one of the hardest working D,great shot,great season
Chapman,eats more pucks and sticks than any D in the league,Not smooth but gets the job done,Great year
Basso,Really came on,hard shot,has learned when to go on the offence and when to back off.good year
Hore,Still young but I hope he gets some muscle on him,pretty good year
Pantziris,not too bad of year,hoping for more next year
Nemecek,dont understand the not being dressed,Needs to skate better,hope he able to get more ice time next year
DeAngelo,Most disappointing player on the Sting this year for me,JP bailed him out so many times,NO defencive abilities at all,Terrible decision making skills,thinks nothing but Offence and is very selfish with the puck,Yes he is good in the offensive zone,fast skater when he wants to be,move him to forward,Yaps and pouts way too much,I know he is still young but he has habits that will be hard to break,Best 3 games all year came after he was benched,

Overall I am happy with the Sting season in spite of loosing Gali and Murphy.They played overall pretty good and was entertaining to watch.

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