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03-17-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by number72 View Post
I agree with these both. That said, the more I see of Phaneuf game the more he looks like he doesn't belong on the top pair. He has gone through tons of defensemen in his career and just never looks good.
- Regeher on the flames who is a quality shutdown defender
- Beauchimen on the leafs another very good top pairing shutdown defender
- AHLers du jour (Aulie, Kostka, Holzer) were disaster
- Average NHL defenders (Gunnar, Komisarek and Schenn) who phaneuf never could carry in the top pair.

Why - well because Phaneuf and his 6.5M needs a team mate that carries him. He is not good enough to be the go to guy on leaf defence. The two things that are consistent in the above examples are Phaneuf and bad defense. At some point it is right to ask the question if Phaneuf is the problem with that first pair.

BTW Schenn look good on the flyers this year (with Timmo), Beauchi is incredible with the ducks and Souray. But Phaneuf managed to make every team mate he has played with look awful. And so much so the leafs traded good players away (Beauchimen and Schenn) just to hold onto a broken defender in Phanuef. Phaneuf is not the type of player that makes his team mates look better. Instead Phaneuf needs a quality defender (better then Beachimen) to make him look like a #1D. Put together a list of defencemen better then Beauchmen and that is the type of player that the 6.5M Phaneuf needs just so we can call him a #1D. This guy is inconsistent - great one game and terrible the next and is a big part of the reason why the leafs will continue to struggle.
Are all-star dman who carried this team on his back through the first half of last season.

If Phaneuf made 5 million or less everybody would rave about him. Unfortunatly he doesn't but where else would we spend that money?

Phaneuf plays against the toughest compeition and is expected to produce offence and shut people down. Phaneuf isn't the problem it's that there is no a true # 2 or the argument could be made even a great # 3 dman on this team at the moment.

Phaneuf has also had success with quite a few of those dmen you mentioned. Where is Aulie now? How has Gunnarson looked without him? Beauchemin wasn't the same player in Toronto as he has been with the Ducks? Holzer/Kostka are AHLer in their 1st seasons with projected bottom pairing upside, how is that fair for Phaneuf to have to play 20-25 minutes with them?

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