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Originally Posted by Hammer8 View Post
How many roughing penalties has Mr Mean taken? There is not 1 NHL player who is afraid of Smid in front of our net. Mean is Pronger or Scott Stevens, not the kitten Smid!

As far as Schultz goes I'm not a big fan either. But please don't get on the "Smid is a tough customer" bandwagon, as his intimidation factor is laughable.

As for stats prior year your forgetting Schuktz came from another team playing a different style. This year the blocked shots are similar and Schultz plays with JS so more on the O vs Smid who is more on the D. So as far as credibility goes if you want to be Mr Stats to ahead, stats don't win games, players do. Smid is not a winning player, nor mean, intimidating or anything remotely near a 2-3 D with a temper the Oilers need.

I will bet an awful lot of money the Oilers never win a Cup with Smid as a 2-3, or N Schultz as the 2-3 either. As I've said, the Oilers D is a laughable joke, other than JS.
2 years ago, Laddy Smid was 2nd in the league among ALL NHL defenceman for roughing penalties. If that's your definition of a mean player, then the only defenceman you want is Matt Carkner.

I would completely disagree on that definition of mean though, as it's more of a sign of a combination of young, immature and mean.

He took 5 last year. Tied for 19th among all NHL defencemen. In 2010-11, he took 9, he was tied for 2nd among all NHL defenceman.

Compare that to your example of mean, Chris Pronger. Smid had more than double the roughing penalties that Pronger had that year even with prorating.

I have no idea how you're complaining about a defenceman that is tied for 4th among all NHL defencemen in hits this year

I bring up stats, because I have no idea how else to show you this. Watching the games would make it obvious, Smid loves to punch people in the face for going within 3 feet of his goalie. I'll give you that he's more of a annoying, in your face type of guy than intimidating, hulk like presence, but that's just due to his lack of being a giant. Are you just trying to say you want a really freakin tall player on our team?

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