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03-17-2013, 10:56 AM
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While I'm no fan of Burke (as mentioned in K:s article), at least that would bring some excitement to this sorry organization.

As a fan, I can accept that there are 30 teams in the league that are pretty competitive right now. So maybe we won't win a cup for the rest of my lifetime. As the Maple Leafs have shown, that's a definite possibility.

But I would at least like to have something to be excited about. An owner that cares would be a start. A president who isn't using the team offices as a retirement home would help as well. A GM who knows hockey? Heck yeah! A coach who knows hockey? Even better!

Point being - I've disliked Burke for a long time. He had some stupid moves with the Maple Leafs (i.e. Kessel trade, Komisarek signing etc). But he had some steals too (Beauchemin trade, Kadri is looking good), and at least he'd show some passion for the team and be willing to do whatever it takes to put a good product on the ice.

So, while I don't care much for the Brian Burke idea, I do like what he would represent. A management that cares and does whatever it takes to get back on track. I can't stand another season or two of watching my favourite team being treated like the ugly stepchild by its own front office. Don't give me our AHL coach or our assistant coach as the new head coach when/if Sacco is ever fired. Don't hire another guy from accounting if Shermanator is fired. And please, don't ever put Eric Lacroix as GM or President of the team, because I would quit this team soo hard if that ever happened.

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