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03-17-2013, 11:11 AM
Winter is here
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I don't see how people can hate Errey. His passion for the game is second to none, he provides great insightful stories of his playing day, has a balanced opinion and calls it as he sees it, not afraid to call out our players, great analysis on the game, and to top it all off has goofy expressions and puns that can have you laugh your a** off no matter the score.

I can see why Steigy is hated because he is unbalanced in his opinion, and constantly stating glamorous remarks with how blessed we are with talent. Otherwise, I don't mind too much just because again, his passion is second to none, and throws out awesome hockey puns and jokes from time to time.

And oh, add "I like the thick black (tape)" to awesome Errey sayings yesterday.

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