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03-17-2013, 12:07 PM
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the GSP fight is pretty much exactly what you expected it would be i thought... except that diaz wasn't as dominating when they were standing, i thought they were about equal when they were standing... diaz got more body shots in while they were on their feet, but GSP landed a lot more jabs and of course his superman-punches... the ground game wasn't even CLOSE, diaz looked completely lost on the ground and GSP utterly dominated him... i was a little surprised that GSP didn't do a LOT of damage though, outside of the first round when he landed a bunch of side head shots and elbows... diaz's full guard defence was a little better than i was expecting, but he still had no answers for take-downs at all... GSP was successful on probably 75-80% of his take down attempts

i really think the only two things that will stop GSP (outside of a lucky headshot that drops him, which is always a possibility) is: GSPs age catching up with him, or, GPSs own dominance making him take the sport/training lightly for one match

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