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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
This is another commonly used trope that lacks, again, true perspective.
Let's say 3 playoff series as starter. Won against Bruins (shutting the door in game 7). Left hanging in that awful series where everyone sucked and led to dismantling. Took us to game 7 OT against eventual champs and league favoured neanderthals, missing our best scorer.

I hardly think that is not stepping up. As many have said, if you put a strong team in front of him, he will be put in the position to be able to take us to the next level. I agree that Halak was magical, but there have been countless nobody goalies before and after who have just gotten hot and against other HOF goalies.

Every week is reaching and what constitutes a bad goal seems to be up for debate as well. There have been some stoppable ones, but watch any NHL game and you will see goals that go in and nobody thinks of the goalie, rather the shooter, but were it Price, it would be a bad goal. Going top shelf after receiving a cross crease pass is a great way to give the goalie little to no chance, as an example.

He is consistent and quite frankly, dominant. The fact that in MTL (and I suppose it's just our culture with goalies), you must be infallible makes any goal let in seem like a huge disappointment. I don't like getting scored on either and I certainly realize when Price should have stopped it, but it pales in comparison to the extremely high level of goaltending he provides at a well-deserved...price.

Anyone a little worried about our long long long time future in net? Imagine if we hadn't drafted him, even though we were all (mostly) scratching our heads at the time. Thank you Timmins!!!
I agree that Price shut the door against Bruins in Game 7 ..but let's be realistic here.. look at Games 4,5,6 ... Price let the Bruins back in that series...If we had decent goaltending in this series, it would of never went to 7.

Yes Philadelphia was better than Montreal but Price didn't play well at all that series. Hamburger destroyed him.

Common man .. Price is NOWHERE near Dominant ..he has a .910 save % before yesterday ..are you really telling me Price is dominant? LOL ..he's not atop 5 goalie this year ..yet again!

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