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Originally Posted by PsychoDad View Post
He would be better than any of them. Oates is only player to center 3! 50 goal scorers. Oates literally made good players like Hull and Neely into hall of famers.
Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
HFBoard people love to push falsehoods. Your post is so far from fact, it's not funny.

I guess Hull's 2 50 and 2 40 plus goal seasons w/o Oates was an hoax never mind only 114 of Neely's 395 goals came with Oates on the Bruins; that doesn't take into account if Oates had anything to due with the goals.

So tell me, how do you account for the other 3/4 of Neely's goals occurring without Oates on the Bruins?
yep. brett hull put up 45 ES goals in 1990 playing mostly with peter zezel at even strength. he had oates on the PP, and cleaned up there too, breaking kurri's record for goals by a winger. oates got the most out of him, but he's certainly still a hall of famer if the blues had never traded bernie federko.

and neely, the guy put up two top three goal seasons with craig janney. he also has the 10th most goals in one playoff year, again with janney on his wing. maybe the 50 in 50 with oates puts neely over the top, but to me the devastating pre-samuelsson neely is the meat of his HHOF argument, and that's not the neely that oates centered.


but the three 50 goal scorers thing: mario came awfully close. kevin stevens and jagr hit that mark. rob brown (49) came awfully close. and, obviously it's unfair to comapre oates to mario, but it's pretty crazy to think that mario got three different wingers to 49+ goals while scoring 69+ goals himself.

gilmour, incidentally, centered joe mullen's 50 goal year, and one and a half of andreychuk's. he also, i'm pretty sure, skated with fleury at least part of the year fleury hit 50.

and to bring up the name of craig janney again, he centered neely to 50 goal years, as well as at least one of shanahan's 50 goal years. some say he centered one of hull's 50 goal years after oates left, but i'm not so sure about that. my memory of those years is hull on the first line and the "shanny and janney" line behind him. but maybe they stacked the first line one of those years? does anyone remember those plager/berry blues more clearly than i do?


back on topic:

as for contemporary comparables, crosby is out of oates' league. to imagine oates in a post-DPE league, i'd look at the non-physical playmakers whose games made huge leaps in '06. post-second lockout, you could imagine oates putting together a year like 2010 henrik sedin. basically, look at marc savard's three straight top 3 assist finishes and three top 10 points finishes and oates would be a really rich man's version of that. he'd definitely challenge for art rosses, and maybe he even wins one or two, but likely not in years that crosby, ovechkin, and even malkin are at their best.

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