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03-17-2013, 01:38 PM
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I would argue hockey is chaos. One man's dump into the corners turned what could've been a 2-1 game and a 3rd place playoff bout into something else entirely. I think Burke is in a good position to make that statement. I think Burke would've spent his entire career listening to the numbers and watching the game at an analytical level.

I believe statistics are a product, not a predictor. Stats can't factor cognitive processes such as a players motivation after a parent died or after a trade rumor or a coach's speech. Stats can't factor for injuries, training regiment, diet, etc. There's steroids, anger, finding your groove, and everything in between.

I think by not being critical of a given method you're not exercising sound science. I like the numbers because my judgment is subjective, but doesn't mean they're aren't flawed. Maybe they really do lack application in general management

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