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08-01-2006, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
And your calling us the homers? Do some research.

How about O'Sullivan for Straka? That seems fair in your eyes, O'sullivan never has played an NHL game and straka is a proven NHL player who scored 75 points last year, this should be a huge steal for you, or maybe you could get a 2nd round pick for him
I guess you dont do the research, I am a fan of both teams so quite refering to it being a huge steal for me. I know both Dawes and Straka very well, I was very happy when L.A got him. I also knew he had two injuries and that his stint with L.A was hindered by it. I also know that L.A may finish in the 24th to 28th range overall looking at there line up and that Straka is no superstar that will alone bring their pathetic line up into the playoffs so why would they trade their top prospect for a guy that will be around for a year and not get them the cup. I do like Dawes, I have foolowed him a lot and yes he has scored at every level. L.A has numerous prospects like that including Parse, Pushkerov, or better yet Kanko who lit up the O.H.L and pushed hard in their playoffs. Kanko had the same future reports as Dawes and now L.A is hoping he will make the team and maybe one day be a 3rd liner as a more mature Avery type player.

I never said Dawes sucked so don't make it personal. He is a great prospect but he has a very long ways to go to make the NHL unlike a prospect such as Montoya, Staal, and O'Sullivan. Even as L.A's best prospect O'Sullivan is not expected to make the team till next year.

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