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03-17-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by DuckEatinShark View Post
I've had a problem with TMac since the Blues series. He just refuses to adjust his system to better counter what the other teams are doing. A good head coach can make the subtle adjustments necessary in order for the team to succeed. He never does. If something doesn't work, he's the kind of guy that would pound on it with a hammer until it does.
His adjustment has been to juggle the lines. I know that he's certainly not the only coach to do this, but the only other adjustment I have seen him try is to push them to shoot more. The O is clearly broken. We do not score goals with any consistency.

In my opinion, the reason we think the boys are lazy or seem to play with no passion is they know TMac's system does not work against teams that have figured us out(most of them) and that TMac refuses to change it. If you think we are tired of hearing about the process, with no real answers about what needs to change or any admission that there is really anything wrong, then imagine how frustrating it must be for the boys. They are expected to go out and put it all on the line every game knowing that no matter how hard they work for it, the system will most likely let them down. I think they have lost faith.

As far are Demers goes, what if he was vocal about the broken system and that's why he continues to sit... Just a thought.


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