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03-17-2013, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
I don't think Brodin was ever way ahead, but certainly a little bit. Both made the team in the SEL and Brodin was either playing on a pairing with him or one roster spot ahead. Also Klefbom was an All star at the WJC's, not Brodin. They both went relatively close to each other in the draft. To compare them to other high picks this is like Erik Johnson vs Ryan Murray, one is a big toolsy defensman who's potential is to be great at everything while the other is very mature and smart who's potential is to be great at everything just without the punishing style a Klefbom could bring. The big difference is given their skillsets it's more likely that Klefbom takes more time, toolsy guys usually do, and that Brodin is the safer choice but probably doesn't have the Shea Weber type upside of a Klefbom (not saying he will be Weber but the same kind of player perhaps). I'd take Brodin given his more certain future as a top pairing guy but it's certainly been close the whole time, Swedens national team coach Marts called Klefbom "the next big thing in Swedish hockey" for a reason.
I think it became close after last season when Klefbom's development took a major uptick from the WJC on but in general, Brodin was regarded as being well ahead of Klefbom developmentwise prior to that. I'm just basing it on the many scouting reports of Swedish fans who have watched both.

I would think that with Brodin now excelling at the NHL level like on a top pairing level and with Klefbom having suffered a setback due to the injury that the gap has significantly widened again. I've seen Brodin enough by now to know that he's an extremely special player, it's quite amazing how composed he is for a rookie.
However, Klefbom has all the tools to get close to Brodin's level if all goes well but the injury history certainly does complicate things. The Oilers need to be very careful with him and please for the love of god, don't rush this kid.

Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
i think the pretty obvious path for klefbom is to start in the AHL, and if he plays well he'll be the first call-up for injury .... then if he plays well during his call up, he might just stick with the big club, if not, then it's back to the AHL for more seasoning
That's how i see it as well.
It's too bad that he got injured this season because he was gaining a ton of momentum. I pray that this injury doesn't derail his development.
I know that he's apparently healthy again but we know all too well how tricky shoulder injuries can be.

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