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03-17-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
Kindl is right where he should be at this point. His stunted development was no one's fault but his own. This idea that he regressed because he was held back in some way is completely backwards. I give him a lot of credit this year for showing he belongs, but he's a different player now than he was a few years ago, or two years ago, or even last year. He's better now.

Kronwall-Ericsson are a serviceable top pair, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, the preference would be to have a quote-on-quote #1 dman, with Kronwall riding shotgun and Ericsson on the 2nd pair, but these guys have done a pretty good job. Welcome to the salary cap era.

Lashoff has quickly become the most underrated player on the Red Wings. I question the hockey wisdom of anyone who trashes him as much as a handful of posters have around here. The kid makes solid play after solid play in his own zone. Mistakes? Of course, he's a rookie. All things considered though, he's been a very pleasant surprise.

And speaking of polarizing rookie defensemen, where's all the talk about Smith? I heard this kid was supposed to be an offensive defenseman.
Not sure I agree with you on Kindl- hard for me to sign off on a former 1st rounder taking until age 26 to show that he MIGHT be able to be a 2nd line pairing guy in this league. He's been inconsistent but I don't think the Holland/Babcock tag team (really need to think of a tag team name for those 2 if they were in the WWE) have done him many favors, either.

To me, Lashoff looks like he has the ceiling of a #6 guy at best- hasn't been terrible, but it seems like Babs has really limited his IT against the better lines for the opposition. I get that he's a rookie, but I still don't know what the big rush was for Holland to lock him up with a 3 year deal. I don't see there being a line of suitors out door dying to try to steal him from Detroit after the season. Came up in the Dekeyser thread, but I REALLY hope Kenny wouldn't pass on pursuing DD just b/c he signed Lashoff to a 3 year deal.

Agree that Kronwall-E are a serviceable top pairing, but the Wings need much better quality depth behind them to make it work if that's the way Holland wants to go. I hope that Smith becomes part of that improved depth (hell, I hope he passes both guys to become a top pairing D-man), but this has been a rocky season for him so far.

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