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Originally Posted by snovalleyhockeyfan View Post
That's right. And that's why I, and a lot of others in Seattle, am of the view that the NBA should keep the Kings there and award Seattle an expansion franchise. The folks down in Sacramento do not deserve to lose their team because their ownership, the Maloofs, refuse to deal in good faith. Their behavior throughout this past year in particular on this has been deplorable, and I think that's being kind. I have been paying attention to this issue BTW for probably a lot longer than most people in Seattle and know full well what the situation is down there. You guys in Sacramento are dealing with a bunch of people who have no idea what the words integrity, honesty, transparency and class mean when it comes to making business deals.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by snovalleyhockeyfan View Post
I think Reno and northern Nevada also are part of Sacto's market if I'm not mistaken....
You are correct.

Originally Posted by Nuclear SUV View Post
Then why do they talk 49ers so much on Sacramento radio?
Because there has never been an NFL football team in Sacramento, and the 49ers are the most popular "local" team. They have to like someone, right?

Portland and the rest of Oregon is full of Seahawks fans, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't support an NFL team if they got one.

Interesting stat, there are more season ticket holders in the Sacramento area for 49ers and Raiders games than there are from Oakland and SF. I'd have to imagine that this area would fully support a team that came here.

Sacramento is half the size and has a fraction of the corporate base as that city you mischaracterize as representing the entire state.Tell that to the Blazers fans in Vancouver.
I'm not sure what Seattle's population has to do with my point of California being much bigger than Washington, not only in size, but in population. California has over 38 million people vs Washington which has less than 7 million. As for the MSA and corporate sponsorship, that's pretty irrelevant. Past history clearly indicates that with bad Kings teams, with normal owners who aren't threatening to sell the team every year, the team will sell tickets and will have the support of the city.

#1 the sale isn't getting blocked. KJ is playing for the future whether it is a Charlotte type deal or setting himself up to be the next head of the player union.
#1, this is in hopes of getting it voted down, no matter how futile that looks, with the secondary reason being to prove to the NBA what most already know, and that is that this area can hold a profitable NBA franchise.

#2 We don't blame Sacramento, we blame OKC and David Stern's NBA franchise reality. At the end of the day, the NBA wants a team in OKC more than they do Sacramento I guess.
#2 The NBA isn't making this decision. Stern absolved himself of any decision making and has left it in the hands of the bog on April 18th and 19th.

The way the Maloof's got the sale done and papers filed also really tied Stern's hands in ways he could help Sacramento. He has said in interviews that both Seattle and Sacramento deserve basketball teams, but, unfortunately, only 1 will have one next season.

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