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03-17-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
I do have that tendency to "stir the pot", don't I? Comes from my 50+ years of frustration at the ineptitude of the management no matter who has been in charge. Now to Mr. Gaborik; all we heard about was his dynamic speed and elite finishing abilities and for the most part, he has delivered the goods in his initial three years here.

The problem I have with him (some of which is not that uncommon with eastern european players) is the following:

-he's lost more than a step of his vaunted speed
-he doesn't bust it all the time
-he looks almost disengaged and disinterested at times on the ice.
-he plays too much on the perimeter
-his compete level leaves a lot to be desired
-his shot doesn't look as lethal as it's been in the past.

I really believe that we (and he) would be better served trading him sooner rather than later because it looks like the time has come for both parties to move on!

Just my opinion though; kind of feel the same way about Mr. Richards with his lousy drop passes to nobody!
People wanted him traded in the second half of his first year here when he got hurt and kind of plateau'd. People wanted him gone at points his 2nd year here. and I'm sure even last year. I didn't think he had lost anything until this year. I;'ve onlyu been a hardcore sports guy for about 16 years but I kinda already realized from playign sports myself and trying to scout and decide who teams should scout/sign/how to coach. It's freakin hard to be THE team. You kinda have to get lucky and find yourself with a team that comes together at the right time. You do your best to set that up I think the Rangers have done that the last 4 years or so which makes me...content if not happy. PArt of keeping the team competing is knowing when to cut bait. I think it's time with Mr. gabs

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