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03-17-2013, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
I always feel that you draft BPA.

On the other hand the D-man vs. forward decision here has another wrinkle.

The Panthers have an organizational need for excitement... for buzz.

A forward does that far better than a d-man - even if at the end of the day their effect on the W-L column is the same.

More buzz => more ticket sales => more $14 heinekens sold => more profits => more money to spend on team improvement

If Mac & Hubs start lighting it up on ESPN highlights, that will be very, very good for the Florida Panthers... much, much moreso than having a Shea Weber quality d-man would.
None of that is really going to be in the minds of the scouting staff. They'll simply relay a collective opinion on the "best player available".

Wins equal success. Sure, entertaining wins are great, but you plan for wins over entertainment, and if entertainment comes with it ... great.

They'll take whoever they think is the best player. Surely there is only so much inane speculation people can make over this? After awhile, pretty much everything that can be said has been said.

Maybe if you wished to approach it from a more analytical stand point, it would be of some interest. Impact Forwards tend to be selected higher in the draft, whereas impact defenseman are more common slightly lower. I also personally believe it's easier to find good solid defenseman than it is to find good scoring Forwards. Not that particular pertains to this situation. As a more general rule, i think it's easier to coach and find a D-core that can be reliable and effective than it is with Forward counter-parts. It's easier to coach defense than it is offense. Again, though, when we're talking about elite elite prospects ; how much of that is relevant?

The only thing i will say about Jones, is whilst he is a brilliant prospect and a viable #1 candidate, he's being proclaimed to early. I'd want to wait 4-5 years before believing he really is ahead of any other recent young defensive prospects.

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