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03-17-2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
This is the part of things that people don't look at. What makes anyone think DT did anything to develop Kopitar? I don't think Kopitar even met DT outside of the 2005 Entry Draft and maybe a prospects camp. Brown meanwhile DT threw into the fire at 18 when he clearly wasn't ready for the NHL. He was more likely to ruin the kid with that move. I think the lockout had as much to do with Brown as anything, since it forced the Kings to play him in the minors and not the NHL.

Lombardi had as much, if not more, to do with Kopitar's development than anyone, including DT. Drafting a guy doesn't mean you developed him.

Secondly, it took seven drafts for DT to hit on Brown. And 9 to get Kopitar. DL's seventh draft is coming up this year. Dt drafted a few impact guys, like Jokinen, Frolov and Camalleri, but he struck out a lot too. DL took Simmonds and Schenn, who are both doing very well this year, and has Toffoli looking pretty good so far. Give DL as much time as DT had and then compare.
Wrong choice of words. Instead of develop I should have said drafted I would just like to see DL focus more on picking forwards than dmen and goalies, that's all. I'm still bitter about picking Forbort over Etem.

It's pure speculation to assert Simmonds would be our 3rd line guy. There's no proof of that. Keep in mind that he was 3rd line under Murray, and there's no guarantee Simmonds wouldn't have been given an increased role under Sutter. Secondly, if we don't trade for Richards (which we wouldn't have I assume if Simmonds was still here) who says we'd have got Carter? Thirdly, at this point I'd put Simmonds ahead of Williams. Williams would look better on the third line than Simmonds.
All I'm talking about is Lombardi drafting a forward that can play for the kings on the first line. And as of now, he has yet to do that.

As for Moulson and Purcell, they were both given plenty of chances in LA. Moulson got 29 games, Purcell got 91. How much time do you expect a player to get to show what they can do? Plenty of first rounders don't get that kind of time to show what they can do in their careers, why should 9th rounders (or college UFA's) get more time?
Purcell may have gotten 91 games but good 80 games were as a LW. I kept insisting that he needs to play RW but unfortunately we had Brownie, JW and Simmonds all ahead of him. Of course, he goes to the bolts and is putting up good numbers playing his natural position of RW. And in the few games he did play RW with the kings, it was on the 4th line with Harrold and Raitis. And believe it or not, I'm not blaming DL or TM because bottom line is, there just wasn't a spot for Purcell.

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