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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
This -- You can get a lot of great help here as for what to order. Otherwise, just make sure to read all of the instructions for everything you install. I built my HTPC last summer and it was the first PC I built with no help at all. I was definitely nervous because I didn't want to fry anything but I just made sure to read the instructions for everything I got and didn't have a problem with it at all.

And like Monkey said, you probably will need a new case. The only thing that's probably worth salvaging is the RAM assuming it will fit in the new mother board and the hard drives.

But for reference, I have a GT560Ti right now and an old quad core processor and I couldn't even run Arma 2 that well. For Arma 3 to run well, you'll probably want something better than that. I would assume since you say you don't want it to run on ultra settings but just want it to run smoothly on lower settings, you're possibly looking at a computer that'd cost ~$800. Again, better off checking with others than me on something like that though.
Good thing I just got my tax return then. I have a friend who is good with this stuff who can help me as well.

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