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03-17-2013, 03:33 PM
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To add to that point, Gillis couldn't have anticipated or handled the Malhotra situation that differently. So I'll give him a pass there.

I won't give him a pass on Mitchell though, or Ehrhoff obviously.

It's weird, Gillis seems to have this "insurance policy" in effect regarding the defense, so he trades for Ballard as he's not sure if Hamhuis will sign. Then he signs Garrison, in my opinion partly because he's a good player who took less to play here, but also in case Edler doesn't re-sign.

So we get insurance, but in the end we have 4 LH defenceman making 4 million or more. Anyone else see an issue with that?

If he just kept Mitchell on a 1 or 2 year 3M a year deal - he wouldn't have needed to trade for Ballard. If he kept the Hoff at 5x5 he wouldn't have had to sign Garrison. Our defense would've been something like this last year

Hamhuis - Bieksa
Edler - Ehrhoff
Mitchell - Tanev

which looks a lot better than the weird hodge-podge of LH shots we currently have, and are back to where we were before Ehrhoff - no ****ing ****** PMD.

He puts himself in a bad position because he lets good, serviceable defensemen who want to stay here leave - then want to go for a home run by landing good UFA's, but also feels the need to have insurance in case he doesn't land them...but this is poor strategy for our defense.

With Luongo, hated that contract when it was signed and hate it even more now. I feel that despite the TSN video, despite how professional things are being handled, it still is a distraction in the back of their minds (how could it not be?) and Gillis needs to move him - now. Get what you can and move on.

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